Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme ~ Time Tells All (Fill In The Blanks)

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A little different for this week's Tuesday 4 Meme. Please copy and paste the questions to your blog and leave a comment for me to visit. As always there will only be 4 questions to answer and posted on Monday mornings at 7:00 AM EST for you.

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Time Tells All (Fill In The Blanks)

1. It's 9:00 AM Sunday and I'm usually finishing up getting ready for church

2. It's 12:00 PM/Noon On Monday and I'm usually answering phone calls at work

3. It's 8:00 PM Wednesday and I'm usually on the computer, watching the boob tube and either crocheting or crosss-titching all at the same time

4. It's 5:30 PM Friday and I'm usually getting dinner ready and waiting on the hubs to get home


  1. great answers... sounds like my typical days!!!

  2. Hi Jodi: I enjoyed your answers. Have a good Tuesday.

  3. I remember the days of answering phones at work, now I'm happily retired and don't have to talk on the phone if I don't want to! lol Enjoyed my visit.

  4. Sounds like busy days. Loved your answers! Have a nice week!


  5. Enjoyed your answers! Hope you're having a great day! <3

  6. We all have pretty much the same answers. I should have said on Monday I stand on my head, but, nope, nothing imaginative for me. :) Have a great day.


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