Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wednesday Medley ~

Found another fun meme to partake in. Head on over to Your Friend From Florida..... for other participants. Here is a medley of questions you may choose to answer on your Wednesday blog. There aren't any rules and there is no obligation. Link up if you want to. I'm doing this to fill my Wednesday and if you are interested, then I invite you to join in!! It might be fun!!

There are some pretty serious issues on the National Day Calendar this week. You can read about them here


1. Tell us about a time you made someone's life beautiful or someone made YOUR life beautiful. I like to do/make things for others to make them feel special/beautiful/pretty all the time... so not many stand out for me to recall


2. Will you take on the challenge and smile more often on June 15th? Why not start now!! Have you been blessed by a smile that changed your day? I will certainly try!


3. Terri is a cancer survivor. Cancer has touched most of us in one way or another. When did someone reach out to you with an act of kindness or when did you last perform a random act of kindness for someone? Someone randomly paid for my order in the drivethru the other day


4. Terri admits that this turned out to be not what she thought it would be. Our country has come a long way in recognizing that people are people and our differences are what makes life beautiful, but we still have a long way to go, unfortunately. Your thoughts? I say marry who you want


5. Had to lighten it up a bit. Terri is a total klutz in the kitchen. Tell us about something klutzy that happened in your kitchen... by you or another! Can you laugh about it now? Hmmm.... probably the time I went to add in a little salt to a dish I was making, and not realizing that someone hadn't put the top on tight and into the dish it went... top and salt.... ugh...take out it was for dinner that night!

6. Share something about your week so far, if you would. The hubs and I picked up some weights, and are back at the church's gym. Its nice to have other equipment to use than the few random items we have at home. Other than that, not much else going on.


  1. I need to be working out this summer and so far I haven't at all. Maybe you will motivate me.
    It is so nice you do and make things for people to make them feel special. I am sure your friends love that. Loved your answers! Have a nice week!

  2. AW,, the loose salt top trick.. I've played that one a time or two... I forgot about that one. I have lost all intentions of ever going to a gym... I think it would behoove me to find that!!!

  3. That happened to me with the pepper in the mashed potatoes! I've never seen such gray potatoes before. We ate them anyway with lots of gravy.

  4. The same thing happened to my mother at a 'nice' restaurant -- I'd never heard of that before. Fortunately, the waiter brought her a new entrée.

  5. Enjoy your time at the church/gym. That must be nice to have that option available to you. About the salt fiasco, it happened once when we had first-time dinner guests, that the top came off the salt grinder when our guest was using it on top of his grilled chicken with basil pesto. We all just laughed and I got him a new plate of food. LOL

  6. Thanks for joining the Medley and my apologies for taking two days to visit everyone who participated! I enjoyed your answers. Pretty cool that your church has a gym! Wow! That salt trick is not funny at all!


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