Monday, April 22, 2019

Weekend in Review

I have started a new meme, called Weekend in Review.  I had participated in one like this a while ago, but it has long since stopped.  I liked writing down what I had down over the weekend, whether it was filled with lots activity or just a lazy weekend, so I went ahead and started my own version of this meme.

Weekend rewind. If you want to play along, grab the button above and tell me all about your weekend! I will have a Mr. Linky on the actual weekend post for everyone to link up to.

Friday ~ The start of this day was annoyed and then went to hell in a hand basket! Tried logging into my bank account on my phone.. only to get "can't verify your account" several times. Logged in via laptop, same thing... so did a reset password... got that worked out then headed out to do the grocery shopping....

Got through the store, after being extremely frustrated as they didn't have much of anything on the shelves that I needed, and then into the meat area and no stinkin ground chicken anywhere.. grrr... Lici may just have to go back to regular dog food... get to check out... go to pull out my wallet... to find no wallet... wth.. so suspended my order went back home, got the wallet that I had left on the chaise, when I was dealing with the stinking bank account.... back to Meijer to get my groceries. Stopped at Ken's to see if they had ground chicken.. nope.. then Family Fare.. none there only ground turkey.. so picked that up in frustration.

The search will be on for ground chicken...

John and I went and did some shopping.. we needed some parts for the kitchen faucet and the bathtub, so first stop was Ace Hardware. Next stop was to find some work shoes for him, and I got lucky and picked up a pair of dressy sandals. The next stop ws Chowhound to redeem Lici's birthday coupon. We picked out a new toy for her. Stopped at church so he could pick up his guitar to do some work on it. Then home for the night to veg.

Saturday ~ was a lazy day. I did get Lici's dog food made, but the rest of the day was lounging around, worked on the afghans, and cleaned out the DVR.

Sunday ~ Happy Resurrection Sunday! Happy Easter! Church in the am, then over to the inlaws for lunch and a family get together. Once home, worked on my temp afghan.

Let me know if you play along.

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