Monday, January 29, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday

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For Today... Jan 29th, 2018

The weather...Its a brisk 24° and snowy.

The temps for the week are going to be up and down... and looks like it will be a cold one for Friday....

As I look outside my window...Its back to a winter wonderland.... someone kidnap me and take me to the beach!

On the breakfast plate. . .a Herbalife shake - banana carmel flavor mixed with orange juice and a bottle of water

Thinking and pondering...Thinking about where I want to go for our anniversary weekend in March. Making it a long weekend, don't want a busy weekend, just a nice get away (not to $$) to just sit and relax.

On my bedside table... my alarm clock, Kindle, iPad and a journal

On my reading pile... "Girls with Swords"

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend... cleared out the DVR of Chicago Fire, Greys, 911 and Resident

On my TV... Bachelor, Fosters, Chicago series, Greys, Blue Bloods, 911, Resident

On the menu for this week... Menu for the week:
Monday ~ spaghetti, garlic bread, and a salad
Tuesday ~ meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls
Wednesday ~ breakfast - waffles and sausage
Thursday ~ pizza
Friday ~ leftovers
Saturday ~ out
Sunday ~ pork chops, taters, veggie, applesauce - later for the Superbowl - bean dip/chips

On my to do list... laundry and housework

In the craft basket...I have a few things going right now - Working on a cross stitch, crocheting some donut coasters, and have an order for a few rice bags to make.

The cross stitch, (I completed the project outside of the outlining and putting in the saying since taking this photo). I think I am going to make this into a pillow

I working on a few wreaths this weekend as well... this in on my front door (the 2nd one I am just about finished and will post next week)

This is the 2nd one in progress.... couldn't find my mod podge to work on the sign.... grrr hate when that happens

Happening this week:
Monday ~ work, work out, finish laundry
Tuesday ~ work, work out, work on Bible Study
Wednesday ~ work, work out, work on Bible Study
Thursday ~ work in craft room, sew Lici's pillows - I WILL get to this today, work on Bible Study
Friday ~ groceries, errands, organinze/purge in craft room
Saturday ~ work on my planner
Sunday ~ church, veg, Superbowl Sunday

Looking around the house... I am seeing lots of clutter and way too many dog toys strewn about....

From the camera... my planner layout for this week

What I'm wearing today... mauve colored top, and some paisley print leggings

One of my simple pleasures... sitting in a quiet house, just doing nothing

Lesson learned the past week...Sometimes just being quiet and not voicing your opinion is the right thing to do.

A favorite Bible verse, devotion or quote for today...

On my prayer list... family and friends

In closing...Thank you for stopping by. I hope your week ahead is filled with lots of blessings!


  1. Brrr.. looks alike cold week ahead!!!! I love your cross stitch. I used to love it but I just can't see it well enough anymore.. working on a cateract... Old age is maddening!!!

    1. It has been a long many years since I did a cross stitch... but I am loving getting back into it. Just needed another hobby to add to my ever growing list! Have a great week!

  2. Looks like a cold week ahead for you, I don't blame you wanting to head to a beach. Your book looks really good, can't wait to hear what you think. Have a wonderful week :)

    1. From what I have read so far on the book, I am liking it. We just started the Bible Study at church, and that pesky devil is already trying to mess with me... got to stomp him under my fee! Have a great week!

  3. Enjoyed reading this week's post, Jodi, and love the Valentine's Day wreaths! I mentioned you in this week's blog post. Thank you for introducing me to pocket letters last week! Blessings! <3

    1. I will be heading to your blog soon... catching up on my comments, then off to leave comments on everyone's blogs. Glad you like the pocket letters!!

  4. Look at that you have "real" snow! I'd take that or the beach or something with lots of green over our boring, blah brown that's everywhere right now. Hope you have a warm and wonderful week!

    1. I will gladly give you my snow! I am over winter!! Have a great week!

  5. You're completely my hero...Girls with Swords, Planners, AND wreaths? Get out of my head, lady! lol
    Have an amazing week!

    1. LOL... I am a jill of all trades! LOL Hope your week is a good one as well!

  6. Your cross stitch is lovely! That's one craft I don't have the patience for, unfortunately. It is going to make a pretty pillow. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks! I hope your week is a good one as well!

  7. As a nortwoods of WI Gal I'm so with you about heading to a beach somewhere! Lol
    I'm really liking that new show The Resident. But I always loved Greys Anatomy too...similar I guess. Are you liking it?
    You are a crafting rock star Lady! I have some cross stitch gift kits I need to get working on one of these days. My blogging and crafting mojo have all been slowly coming back. Have a great week ahead! xoox

    1. I am liking it so far... just watching this weeks right now there is one lady in there tonight that is irriating me.... the one harping them for not treating the young girl that collapsed (oh shoot.. I hope you have seen it!)

    2. I did see it! Lol And I agree!!

  8. We are having similar weather here in Ohio...up/down/up/down...I am ready for warm to stay. LOL I enjoyed reading your post. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Its a wonder more in my house aren't getting sick with the temps! Have a great week!

  9. As usual a beautiful planner layout! I'm loving the crafts you make

  10. I'm not at the beach, but I'd trade you - I really miss the snow :( I hope you had a GREAT week. The week just got away from me and I'm so late visiting.


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