Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Tea Drinker?

I might just become a tea drinker after all. I need to stop drinking pop, and need an alternative to caffeine. Tonight John and I were out and about, and stopped into the Teavana store at Rivertown to try some samples. We spent some time in there talking with one of the workers and trying a few different teas - which I was pleasantly surprised. We walked out with a tea steaper mechanism and a white chocolate peppermint tea (light on the caffeine for night time), and a blend of a flavor called Joy and Ruby Spice Cider (lots of caffeine). They both smell amazing!

This morning I have had two cups of tea, and really like the Joy/Ruby Spice Cider blend. I think I am hooked. I am off to buy myself a tea kettle.. yeah, yeah I know, I don't need one, I can just warm up some water on the stove in a pan or in the microwave, but I just want a cute tea pot/kettle. Plus it gives me an excuse to go out and do some shopping! LOL

Are you a tea drinker? If so what are some of your favorite kinds?

update - the Tevanna store has since closed. I have a new link to find some great teas... republic of tea

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