Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Where has Summer gone?

I can't believe how fast Summer has flown on by! I mean don't get me wrong, I love Fall, but wow, I blinked and its almost September! Time to get the man out there and do some bike riding, and more kayaking. I want to try out a new place, that we aren't limited to just an hour for the rental. Then next year we can purchase our own.

We can wait to visit websites later on, when its not so nice outside. Then I will have more time to finally find a person to take some lessons for the keyboard. I mean what's the rush, its been over a year since he bought me it! LOL Plus, he doesn't need to be looking at any more guitars. He just bought a new one this past week.

Too me it seems like it is getting darker earlier and earlier. Its not even 10 pm yet, and its so dark out! It just seems so crazy as how fast time is going by! Anyone else feel this way??

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  1. Yes, we've noticed how it's getting darker earlier. I'm ready for Fall though, really is my fav time of year. It's so hot here in AL, over 100 most days. Have a great day


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