Sunday, May 22, 2016

Happy Sunday to you!

What a beautiful day this Sunday has turned out to be! The morning started off with a great worship service at church (with a little help with some of the best studio monitors from MF!), followed by a great sermon. Came home whipped up some lunch, then sat out on the deck for a few hours while the pup played with her ball. I am now working on a few afghan squares before I head off to our Women's Fellowship get together. I am going to stop for ice cream on the way home for a treat with the hubby (one last one, before we kick start the "get back in shape and healthy again" train!)

I am loving my layout for this week in my planner! How cute are these pandas??

How was your Sunday??


  1. Those panda stickers are adorable. I love decorating my Happy Planner!!

  2. I saw them at the store and just had to have them!! The one on his back blowing bubbles is my fave! Decorating this, is getting me back into the mood to scrapbook!!


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