Monday, February 8, 2016

Daybook and Happy Homemaker Monday

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For Today... February 8th, 2016

Outside my window...Its going to be a cold, cloudy day, with the high of 30 - the weather for the week:

I am thinking... That I should get up and get moving, as I have a huge mess in the kitchen to clean up after yesterday's dinner and Super Bowl goodies (I was just to tired and lazy to clean up last night.

I am thankful... for a job that allows me to work from home.

I am wearing... yoga pants, and a tshirt

I am creating... Right now, my projects are on hold, as I have a sore thumb/ a few weeks of rest is in order.

I am going... to the gym, and to get my nails done later today.

I am reading... Candace Cameron Bure's Dancing Through Life

On my TV..... I have Netflix going, and am watching When Calls the Heart

I am hoping... that the funds will be there for a vacation next month, so we can head South.

In my kitchen... Menu for the week:
Monday ~ spaghetti and garlic bread
Tuesday ~ bruschetta chicken
Wednesday ~ leftovers
Thursday ~ pizza
Friday ~ not sure yet, will know after I get groceries
Saturday ~ getting take out from somewhere
Sunday ~ dinner at church, put on by our youth group

A favorite quote for today...

A peek into one of my days... reliving my childhood with a little coloring, great way to pass some hours away!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday ~ laundry, housework, gym, getting my nails done
Tuesday ~ gym, cleaning out Trent's room
Wednesday ~ work
Thursday ~ work
Friday ~ grocery shopping, more cleaning/orgazing
Saturday ~ hanging out with the hubby
Sunday ~ church, home for a light lunch and a nap, then back to church for a Valentine's dinner put on by our youth group

From the board... From my Crafts board. I want to make one of these for our entry way
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I am also linking up with Diary of a Stay at Home Mom


  1. What a great quote! I love autobiographies...may have to add that one to my list. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Love your coloring page! It is such a great way to relax. Have a great week :)

    1. Thanks! I am enjoying all of these adult coloring pages!

  3. I love the coloring page. What book is that from?? I love coloring. Your menu looks delicious. And I am lazy today too. I usually am on Monday!! Have a great week Jodi!

    1. Its not from a book, its from this website, Time Warp Wife. Monday's are my most busy day with all I have to do, but here as of late, I am in a lazy mood!

  4. Oh, gosh, me too! My wrist and up the side of my forearm has been achy so I had to take a few days break from crocheting. It happens sometimes. I have seen my regular doctor and an arthritis specialist, but not on has determined why. I think it's carpal tunnel, but they say I pass the screen for it. I have the same coloring sheet. Did you see that Time Warp Wife as a 2nd one out too? I can't seem to get to much coloring these days, but I have printed them for when I do.

    1. I've been told mine is tendonitis, it started in my elbow a few years ago. It stinks, but I suffer through the pain. I have that one too, I am loving that site, thanks for sharing it on your blog!!

  5. I love those pictures from your craft board - what a great project.

    How is "Dancing through Life"? It's on my "to read" list.

    Have a great week.

    1. I am enjoying the book so far. I am hoping to get more read this week with me not being able to crochet!

  6. Our youth group is putting on a dinner Sunday night, too! Hope you have a great week!


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