Sunday, January 31, 2016

Planner Collab ~ Week of Feb 1-7th, 2016

My layout for the week. I love getting back into decorating. Now I wish I didn't get rid of all of my scrapbook supplies. Oh well... time to start over again.


  1. Wait.. you got rid of your scrapbook supplies?! I haven't scrapped in such a long time, but I'm still stubbornly hanging on to mine. I keep thinking, *maybe* I'll get back into it. What made you decide and did you just give them away? :) I hope to get there sooner or later!

    1. I was looking in my craft room one day and saw things just sitting there collecting dust and thought what a waste. A girl from our former church was in need of some supplies but didn't have much $$... so I gifted all I had to her. I knew she would put everything to good use and not let things gather dust. LOL I did keep all of my colored pencils from CTMH and my blender pens, but everything else I let go.


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