Friday, October 30, 2015

Started my Christmas shopping today

I was out and about after getting my haircut this morning, as I needed some retail therapy. I found a few things for the boys that will be the little items, they are both wanting big $$ items...ugh. I have somethings I am getting from LTD as well for them and my hubby, and some things for myself as well.

I had been doing some browsing online for some jewelry, as I am still wanting a family ring. I can't find the one that I wanted a few years ago, and that bums me out, as it was so pretty. And now that I have been browsing, I keep seeing ads pop up on different sites I go to on a regular basis for masonic rings from Joy Jewelers. This bothers me in a way, as I don't like that I am being "tracked" in a sense while browsing the net. Do any of you see this as well?

I have homemade things to complete as well. I think I will be once again working on these right up until the big day!


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