Tuesday, September 15, 2015

House projects

The latest home improvement going on is our kitchen. We have painted the cabinets black, and the walls an antique white. I am contemplating doing an accent wall in the color of red. Next, the countertops. We have one that is 3.5 inches longer than the standard length, so in order to save some money, we are going to use the Rust-o-leum transformation kits, and redo our existing one. I am nervous, but hoping it turns out great.

John thinks that with the money we save, he can get some mini humbuckers. We shall see. I want to get building up our savings and tackle some bills to get us back to where I don't have to work! Plus he wants to sell the house, so I don't think spending any more $$ on extra things should be our focus right now.

With all of the sanding done, and walls painted, I have started to put things back on the walls. Its looking really good in there. Just hope I can say the same after we tackle the countertops!!


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