Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekend in Review


Weekend rewind. If you want to play along, grab the above button and tell me all about your weekend!

Adding in Wednesday and Thursday, as I had a long girls weekend this week.

Wednesday ~ Spent some time with my guy, did some last minute shopping for trip stuff, stopped at the bank, and then headed to the airport for the West Coast Adventure with Robyn! Took the red eye flight to Washington.

Flight pics
 photo 7de69115-86c1-44fb-8cef-681ef06c37b8_zpsfyax6mo3.jpg

Thursday ~ Arrived in Washington at Sea-Tac airport at 1:30, made it to the rental place only to find out they didn't have any cars.... why have a reservation... we sat there and waited until 3:30, by the time we got out of the airport, it was around 4 am (WA time, 7am MI time...almost been up 24 hrs...). Then it was off to our hotel, an hour away! We finally crashed around 6 or so, got a few hours of sleep, then it was up and had us off and running. We had pedicures with the bridal party (yep, I was included in the festivities..), rehearsal, then rehearsal dinner back at the bridal couples home. We left fairly early, as we both were wiped out.

 photo a36358e9-06d2-4994-8082-4213fbfc5a88_zpsfw67vsje.jpg

Mine, Robyn's, The Bride's and the Bride's moms
 photo aa6f2017-ac1e-425e-ab69-d48043e9b6bf_zps1mqsofan.jpg

Before heading off to the rehearsal
 photo 1473eeaa-b449-4769-9c9c-5a72609f8ead_zpsycny6yu1.jpg

The night ended with this gorgeous sunset
 photo a0784d56-46e8-4133-a669-142199741df1_zps8vzzyz5j.jpg

Friday ~ The weather tried to put a damper on the wedding, but the Bride just went with it. Even though it rained all day, it was a very beautiful ceremony and lots of fun throughout the day and night.

I was having a very good hair day, so glad to get some great pics before the rain made it go all crazy!
 photo b87016da-3f4e-44d6-8405-a013fe71dd83_zps3idxrkxg.jpg

 photo 83e719d7-0f78-4058-bbfe-39770535b179_zpsyqqr5sog.jpg

Saturday ~ We tried sleeping in, but it wasn't working. Got everything packed up and made our plans for our sight seeing day. Said good-bye to Beth and Brent, then headed back to the airport to park the car their so we could take the Link Rail into Seattle, then the monorail to the Space Needle. On the drive back, we stopped at Debbie Macomber's yarn shop..... I was so geeked!!! Walked around for a while, then headed back to the airport for our redeye flight home.

yarn shop
 photo 554460a2-8037-4ea6-90c4-17d3fb766a4a_zpszrhgvnlg.jpg

her doll/gifts/ tea room
 photo d7c2ebac-0c4e-42be-aa39-9fbc23f72330_zpswggjgk58.jpg

Seattle ~ Space Needle
 photo 2c4281e2-2c0b-4d52-a7df-01184e3d0b6b_zpsw4dg48yc.jpg

Flying above the clouds (and then descending into them, so very cool!)
 photo f479436c-44d7-4306-9484-b0e9caac4057_zpseu8pnnm8.jpg photo 7fb2fb45-abfd-4467-b30d-8f0cf7d0b0a8_zpswattoz9c.jpg

Sunday ~ Was a very lazy day once I got home. My hubby started painting our kitchen cabinets, it makes it look so different in there, but its going to be really nice once we get everything all done in there! Ready to get my house in order!!

Let me know if you play along.
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