Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Preparing for the show

 photo 64f005ea-837d-452e-8fd5-cef021ac3d59_zpsg6bk4750.jpg

I am working on lots of fun and cute items for an upcoming craft show for this Fall. I am hoping that the things I am making will be a hit! What doesn't sell, I will be putting in my Etsy store. I love making the cute little cozies, the Owls are my favorite. I have some fun little buttons, and different earrings that I am going to be putting on some of the plain cozies.

Isn't he so cute??
 photo af82282e-7a4f-49e4-b843-31f31ecbcf6b_zpsq330ofvb.jpg

I love how this doll set turned out as well.
 photo 7a92f055-484e-4b35-bc00-379fce874269_zpss4xxe9kh.jpg

I will have to see if Kim can make some custom table skirts for our tables, as we need to have 3 sides covered, as well as the top. I need to get my creative side to come out, and think up a cute display and for tags for the items, along with the directions for the rice heating pads. I will have to browse the web to get some ideas.

I want to have a giveaway, but not sure what I want to have for the prize. A collection of the items I am thinking, but not really sure.

The printer will be getting a work out with everything I need to print, I will go through the ink fast yet again! I will need new business cards, as I need to update some web pages. So much to do in the next 3 months! Wish me luck!


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