Monday, June 1, 2015

The reveal

Its time!! Time for what, you ask. Well, the reveal of my craft room makeover! This has been a room in progress since Christopher moved out, moved back home and then back out again! When he moved back home he was told that he would have to live with the purple walls, as I was not going to let him repaint them.

What the walls looked like before I started, and then primed
 photo before_zpsy3ggurgm.jpg

With the purple paint, and the tables I was using at the time; the rocker before and after redoing the cushions (I still have to paint this white, and possible redo the cushions, to add more padding)
 photo painted_zpsk416nskg.jpg

Yarn storage area (some of my yarn)
 photo a4201857-8a59-42f0-bca6-d1d300c668ec_zpsymo7hjb2.jpg

My window seat, that I am in love with!!! (I still need to add the hardware)
 photo 0891e770-d55f-4d68-be12-1733b203e283_zpsovas1fvx.jpg

The curtains I made and a close up of it
 photo e19f207c-cc30-42f7-a597-c25fa118cfc2_zpswggekzcb.jpg

 photo f1a263e4-8959-4ad7-b309-0af6eb05eb32_zpsorlpelq3.jpg

Sign above my door
 photo 42eb2117-1893-4544-aaec-1130d6a05732_zps6hx5i0zo.jpg

 photo 021466f2-05ce-415e-a2e7-7491024e4bc0_zpsiiynffxk.jpg

A picture my friend Cari made me.
 photo f78a64b5-7121-4995-9ed1-f12f13c3872e_zps1pknywnb.jpg

My desk and peg board, and a close up of the peg board (this will be an ever changing look, as I know I will add, and rearrange things to this board)

 photo 12_zpsxncw1znf.jpg

 photo 13_zpsqu2t6xju.jpg

I love my new room! Now I am off to do some crafty things!!



  1. Thanks! I saw this design (the pegboard), and she had that on there, so off to Google I went to try and find one in purple, but none had yarn/hook in it, so I went this pink one, that turned out more red. Sigh. I am going to play around and come up with my own, to keep in the purple theme of my room! LOL

  2. What a fabulous craft room. I love purple. I can't find your Etsy shop. Do you have a link here on your blog? Or have you not yet opened?

  3. Here's the Knits n purls n more. There isn't anything in there, but hopefully by the end of the week, early next week I will have things listed.

  4. My mouth is hanging open! The transformation is refreshing. I'll bet you adore that room!

    Thanks for talking back at Harvest Lane Cottage.


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