Monday, June 22, 2015


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For Today... June 22th, 2015

Outside my window... Clear blue skies for now, but there is a storm on the horizon for later today.
 photo 2781dc0a-e3a3-4e89-84a7-61e698445f9c_zpswmspkd6x.jpg

I am thinking... that as soon a I finish this post and get the first load of laundry in the dryer, I am going to go back to sleep for an hour or so. Up way too early all weekend, and on the go most of the time left me feeling really tired once I got the hubby up for work today.

I am thankful... for the time spent with family this weekend.

I am wearing... black yoga capri's, a purple tshirt and a pink tank top

I am creating... a few more rice heating bags, along with some dishcloths and towels.

I am going... to get getting some strawberries so I can make some freezer jam tomorrow.

I am wondering... if I will hear anything on the interview I had last week.

I am reading... Psalm 119

I am hoping... to get at least 24 jars of jam made tomorrow.

In my garden... flower garden that is... is in need of some weeding. Hopefully I can get it done before the nasty weather they are predicting for later today.

In my kitchen... Menu for the week:
Monday ~ spaghetti and garlic bread
Tuesday ~ eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, toast and orange juice
Wednesday ~ kielbasa and mac n cheese
Thursday ~ pizza
Friday ~ hot dogs, beans and pasta salad
Saturday ~ date night - thinking dinner and a movie

A favorite quote for today...
 photo 8afd3f72-c8a6-4bbf-9b72-b89cf8b4f056_zpstp6kkmtj.jpg

A peek into one of my days... my day yesterday - time over at my inlaws, the pup is crashed and the rest of us watching American Sniper.
 photo 98db9de1-b841-4764-963a-4ea3b20a8e98_zpskrehupla.jpg

One of my favorite things... having both my boys in church with me.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday ~ laundry, housework, going to get strawberries, and stuff to do the canning
Tuesday ~ making freezer strawberry jam
Wednesday ~ work
Thursday ~ work
Friday ~ groceries, light housework, and possible a girls night
Saturday ~ date night with my man
Sunday ~ church, and home to veg

From the board room... From my Mmmm...Let's Eat board. I have been craving some pretzel dogs lately. I am going to either try and make some, or see if I can find some at the store.
 photo 47e38abe-0c0d-4a28-b471-7234abfc6feb_zpszcq8oqiu.jpg
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  1. Hi, Jodi. Thanks for the visit. I enjoyed your day book answers. Those pretzel dogs look really good! Have a blessed day.

  2. Our menus are pretty similar this week...and I took a nap after getting hubby off to work this morning too. And later we're heading to the farm to pick strawberries. I have jam still left from last season. LOL

  3. What a wonderful life you're living. Be blessed of the Lord!

    Visiting from Peggy's,
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  4. Those pretzel dogs look delicious. Harley would love them. I was working on Psalms 119 but I am still memorizing James 1:1-27 so I put Psalms 119 on the backburner for now. 24 jars of strawberry jam. Now, that is a goal! I'm reading American Sniper and then we'll rent the movie. Did you enjoy it? Have a great week Jodie!

  5. They make pretzel dogs? I gotta get out more. They sould wonderful. You have a busy week planned for yourself. I hope you get the time to take the advice of your quote for the day, but it IS strawberry season, isn't it? Yum. I am a fan of breakfast for dinner. Yum, again! Have a great week.

  6. Strawberry jam -- :P yum! Love the quote and the photo. Enjoy your week, Jodi!

  7. Loved your daybook but the quote was amazing and just what I needed.

  8. Looking forward to pictures of all that jam! Sounds very ambitious!

  9. Hi Jodi! Wow, you guys sure did get some storms, I was watching them move through Ontario, there were two tornado touchdowns there. They were intense storms that lasted most of the night! I'm glad you had such a nice Father's day, and I sure wish I could get this new puppy tired out and able to take a nap! I also have a flower bed that desperately needs weeding and tidying up. I hope you hear back from the interview soon!


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