Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekend in Review


Weekend rewind. If you want to play along, grab the above button and tell me all about your weekend!

Friday ~ The usual Friday thing....groceries in the morning. Cleaned up the backyard from the dog's mess...oh the fun! Blech! Worked on some crochet projects.

 photo 0f041781-72d7-4cea-86a6-c42c2078fbba_zpsmhmcojsx.jpg

 photo 111e1cf9-291d-406a-a004-7b3ef90b0136_zpsndu7zuqf.jpg

 photo f3b2c1da-6498-4e9b-aff5-a509ec324153_zpsvkssbuv1.jpg

Then it was off to my friend Robyn's. We headed over to Countryside Greenhouse to look for plants/flowers (I didn't find anything I really wanted), then back to her place for girls night. We had our first fire of the season.

Photo op at the greenhouse
 photo 3eea8ef1-5c17-44f8-904b-f26ab93be60d_zpsd6qatncg.jpg

 photo 088bb9eb-d847-4f5c-a8e5-a74b1ddc1a4f_zpsjz4ffguy.jpg

 photo 757f0cc9-3315-4e2f-a47b-400c7b98ba68_zps9uvgnp0y.jpg

Aden said..... a selfie, let's do this ~ he is usually inside glued to one of his electronics.
 photo 7fc60862-0b08-4e7a-9886-ef6a4f31e6c2_zpse9snixoo.jpg

We didn't have any grahmn crackers for our s'mores, so we used fudge stripe cookies, as well as reces peanut butter cups for our chocolate. Yum!
 photo 71332939-a328-45bd-9c91-37620a9434e5_zpsurebltux.jpg

Last pic of the night
 photo last pick_zpssmdliheo.jpg

Saturday ~ My day didn't go as I had planned. I did go get John's new phone... he has finally joined the smart phone world! As I was getting ready to leave to go get said phone the oldest calls, and from the sound of his voice I knew he had done something..... so off to his house to take him to the med center as he think he broke his foot the night before jumping down out of his friends truck. Its a truck that is lifted, so it was a high jump; he landed on a weird shaped rock (as he says) and knew he did something.

Sure enough, the xrays show a hairline fracture called a Jones fracture. Got him food, then picked up the hubby so he could get guitar strings, and stopped at the store to get the boy his meds (I had a coupon for $20 if you dropped off a new script that expires on the 4th to use at your next purchase), and some jeans for the hubby.
 photo cd098b00-bcd5-4f00-9881-9b1c99bf9ced_zpsjmftzsbk.jpg

Sunday ~ Church in the morning. We went to our Sunday usual for lunch at Bud & Stanley's, then stopped at Jazzy Junk to look around, I found a desk that I am thinking I am going to go back and get for my craft room. We then went over to my inlaws to visit for a little while.

Let me know if you play along.
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  1. Don't you just love a fire at night? The smell. The warmth. The giggles. And the S'mores! Oh, love the keychains! I need the patterns! LOL Pinterest?

  2. Oh my goodness, Jodi, I love the key chains, those are really cute! I am so sorry about your son's foot, I am so glad he didn't try to be brave and pass it off as a twisted ankle or something, and got it looked at. No matter how old, we always need our mommas! You had a busy weekend!


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