Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mercury Outboard Parts

I am so thankful that we didn't get hit with all the rain that Texas has received over the last week. All that flooding has things at a stand still. Those that have boats, may have to look into L&M Marine Mercury Parts what this is all said and done for them. One of the sadder stories I read about was that of the death of a young girl. She was on her way home from the prom when she had some car trouble and got caught in the floods. Lots of prayers to her family and friends.

 photo 89304_zpsz56d05cy.jpg

While we don't need any parts, as we don't have a boat, I would love to have a pontoon boat, where as my hubby would love to have a speed boat. Looking at the different boats, I have seen some with bench seats as well as what looks like wood restaurant chairs. I personally would rather have the bench seats, as they look a little safer.

This has been added to your dream wish board! One day we will have some sort of boat, then we can browse the site for outboard parts.


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  1. LOL I am in North Texas. Yep be thankful, it is going to rain here all this week :/
    A lot of areas flooded, a tornado about 20 minutes from me hit in bridgeport (Google Bridgeport 2015 tornados)


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