Monday, April 20, 2015


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For Today... April 20th, 2015

Outside my window... Its gray overcast and drizzling. I want to go back to Southern Ohio to where things were sunny, green and blooming everywhere!!

I am thinking... that I need to make an appointment to get get a pedicure. I know that I can do my own nails, but I need a little TLC of a pedicure spa.

I am thankful... that this weekend didn't end on a sad note. My friends brother inlaw, who was very sick last week, made a complete recovery and is now home from the hospital.

I am wearing... a gray hoodie and black yoga pants

I am creating... I am still working on the same crochet projects.

I am going... to do some baking today

I am wondering... why some people can be so blind, or be snowed over with things! One by one..slowly they start to open their eyes and see the real truth.

I am reading... right now, I am not reading anything.

I am hoping... that it really doesn't snow this week

I am learning... Still learning the keyboard

In my garden... I have flowers blooming... guess I had planted some tulip bulbs in the past. These haven't sprouted in the last few years! Weird! I need to get out there and do some weeding and figure out what I want to do in there.
 photo 737861a3-9557-4fc3-839d-bb74c6982ecc_zpsnurjelst.jpg

In my kitchen... Menu for the week:
Monday ~ spaghetti, garlic bread and salad
Tuesday ~ ham and egg bake
Wednesday ~ Pizza
Thursday ~ leftovers
Friday ~ burgers, tater salad and macaroni salad
Saturday ~ steak, baked potato and a salad

A favorite quote for today...
 photo 246f679d-f673-46f6-a223-f4b1b5477631_zps0vjymsvh.jpg

A peek into one of my days... Road trip with my friend this weekend
 photo 102ded4a-9e39-48c1-908f-0632906d94db_zps9sxsz3jb.jpg

One of my favorite things... New car fresheners. I love getting into my car after it has sat for a few days and its filled with whatever freshener I have in there. Right now its green apple! Yum!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday ~ grocery shopping, laundry, housework
Tuesday ~ breakfast plans with a couple of friends, then off to the movies with my youngest for his birthday
Wednesday ~ work
Thursday ~ work
Friday ~ grocery shopping,
Saturday ~ working around the house and spending time with my hubby
Sunday ~ church and home to veg

From the board room...I am going through a scarf and maxi skirts phase. I love this one, from my Cute clothes, shoes, accesories board
 photo 1f75654c-78e3-440e-ab5d-8f1b1b6aff68_zpsclghf73g.jpg

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  1. Hi Jodi! First of all...THANK YOU for the card!! Would you believe I got it WEDNESDAY?? You sent it over a month ago, to get mail here seems to take an eternity. Thanks so much, it really brightened my day ( and I am indeed glad the snow is leaving!) I am so glad to hear your friends brother in law is going to be okay, that is wonderful news! I wonder the same thing as you...we left a church where the pastors were clearly starting to preach things which were blatantly untrue and doing weird things. Most of the people still going there can't see that any of the stuff is so wrong, they are blind to it. Of course, if they question it, then the pastors further their brainwashing by scaring people. It baffles me how people cannot think for themselves and not question. A few others since we left have seen the truth finally. But sadly, there are still those who hang on every word. I am on the lookout for a maxi skirt ( before they go out of style!) Have a great week and thanks again, you really made my week!

  2. Hi Jodi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I don't know where you are to be still possibly getting snow, but I'm kinda jealous! I spent my whole life without snow, and then we moved to Canada, and have only had snow once! I suppose it's not nice to have snow in spring...


  3. Love road trips! Your tulips are beautiful, what a great surprise :)
    Thanks for stopping by, and hope your week is fabulous!

  4. I sure hope you scheduled that date with a spa! Love the color of the scarf & skirt. Great look!


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