Friday, April 24, 2015

Chopped it off

 photo 6134c6ae-124f-4d38-a866-5c1bd1160dd0_zpsagp71c9h.jpg

I have been looking at short hairstyles on Pinterest for some time now. I have so many pinned, and they all look alike, just styled several different ways. Usually when I get in the chair, I chicken out and just get it cut the same old way. But not today! I was so glad that my favorite hair gal is back from Florida. I had all of the photos of the styles saved on my phone, and flipped through them, saying what I liked about each of them and told her to have at it!

I love what she did with my hair!!
 photo cce7c960-248c-43d4-9f5c-cee40b35cca4_zpsvf8ccec2.jpg

I see that my friend Danielle just wrote up a post about making a change in her hairstyle as well. And linked up with this hair tutorial from A Cup Full of Sass, with exactly how I have been wanting to do my hair as well!

So now I need to go out and get some "Big Sexy Hair" products!



  1. Jodi, you look so cute, that really suits you!

  2. Looks awesome, Jodi! I can't wait to get mine done!


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