Saturday, March 28, 2015

Worst day ever!

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Yesterday was the worst day ever! While it started out like a normal Friday, grocery shopping in the morning, and then cashed in my massage gift certificate. The massage was amazing, left relaxed and ready for a nap! Then the worst part... I bent down to get a pan out of the cupboard so I could start dinner, and felt a "pop" in my back and the most tremendous pain I have ever felt in my life! I couldn't move, couldn't breathe!

Lici was outside, but at the moment she was scratching at the door wanting to be let in. Great... while it is a normally short walk to the door in the kitchen, it seemed like it was miles away! I was talking with my friend, when John texted he was on his way home from work, told him to hurry, briefly told him what had happened.

While waiting for him to get home, Lici jumped up on my couch and on my side/back.... Holy OUCH! Sent another wave of excruciating pain!! I called the after hours line for my Doctor, got the answering service and was told to call the other after hours line. Spoke with the nurse, was told that I would have to be seen. If I was in immense pain I could call the paramedics, but refused that, just would wait for my hubby to get home and have him drive me to the Urgent Care. (didn't want the huge bill of the ambulance!).

Once John got home, it was off to the UC. Getting to the car was horrible! Walking sent shooting pains up my back. The two little steps I had to walk down to get out our side door was torture! And not to mention trying to get in my hubby's car. It was a very uncomfortable ride to there as well. Getting out of the car was oh so pleasant, as was the walk to the door of the UC. The security guard met us there with a wheelchair and apologized for not getting there sooner with one, to prevent the walk, as all of the chairs were in use in the back. No biggie....

All checked in, then waited forever to get called. The nurse got all the info, set me up with an IV so I would be ready once the doc examined me (she knew he would prescribe some IV drugs). She put me in front of the line of everyone in the back (that was nice). The doc did some range of motion tests, and asked if I was feeling any tingling/numbness down my leg... nope, and determined it wasn't a herniated disc, just a pulled/strained muscle. Got hooked up with some torodol and norflex in my IV. These made me sleepy, and had the pain subsiding. I went from a 9-10 pain level to a 6ish. The doc said he could push a little stronger dose of pain meds or could wait it out a little longer. I opted for a little longer to see if the pain would go away. So another 10-15 minute wait, and was feeling a little better, so was discharged with some pain meds and muscle relaxer.

We stopped at Wendy's to grab some dinner (mind you at 9:30ish). I was starving, and surprised I wasn't nauseous from getting the meds on an empty stomach! John got me all settled in bed, and then went to one of the pharmacies the was open to get my meds filled just incase I needed them during the night once the IV meds wore off. Luckily I didn't need them, and slept all night.

Woke up this morning a little stiff, and sore. Not as bad, but still sore. My favorite spot to sit, is out of the question, as I sink way to far into the chaise! So now I am all set up on the couch, using the recliner portion of it, as its much easier getting in and out of. The pup is not liking the set up all that well, as she can't get under the blanket and all cozy with me.

Going to be a low key kind of day.... but still going to go out for dinner with my hubby... I am determined! John just laughs and say we'll see. Um, we are, as I don't plan on cooking anything!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh no Jodi! I am so sorry! I am so glad it is not work, but we are all too familiar with back pain in this house! Praying for you to feel much better. You take it easy!

  2. Very sorry to hear this, but so glad it is just a pulled muscle. While those are painful, they do seem to have an end.

    Hope you recover quickly!


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