Monday, March 9, 2015


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FOR TODAY March 9th, 2015

Outside my window...Still dark out, hoping for another sunny day!

I am thankful...for those who donate their unwanted clothing to thrift stores! I love finding cute clothes on the cheap!!

In the kitchen...not a lot going on, and I am itching to get back in there and do some baking! I don't have to work on Friday, so my plans for the day after getting groceries will be baking cookies and some honey wheat bread!

I am wearing...a purple sweater, black tank top, brown pants that have a hint of purple in them and my brown boots

I am creating... I am still working on the afghan for my hubby. I did go get all the yarn I need for the afghan I want to make for myself as soon as I finish his!

I am be a little less busy this week, which will be nice!

I am wondering...if this will be the last week of training, as I feel I am ready to go at it on my own!

I am reading...As I was reading a few more pages into the Amish book from last week, I realize I have already read it. So frustrating! So I am getting ready to start Capturing the Prodigal's Heart by Mary Eason

I am hoping... that the warm weather we had yesterday continues for the rest of the week! So ready for Spring!

I am looking forward my anniversary weekend this weekend. No set plans, just winging it! The best kind of plans!

Around the house...I have lots to do, as I didn't do any housework over the weekend...oops! I will get to it a little each day once I get home from work before my hubby gets home.

I am pondering...whether or not to look into schooling. I am going to look over the options that Spectrum (employer) will reimburse and go from there.

A favorite quote for today...
 photo cecd358f-cf38-4cf5-9aaa-6572ebe7efd4_zpskke9cmse.jpg

One of my favorite things...quiet times in the early morning

A few plans for the rest of the week: Mon-Thurs still training, Friday - grocery shopping, baking, getting caught up on shows and housework. The weekend is going to be spent with my hubby!



  1. Hi Jodi! I'm glad you are having a week that is not quite so busy but hope they see you are ready to launch out and not need any more training soon. Oh I absolutely hate it when I go to the library, get a magazine ( as I mostly do, as they are quick reads!) and get home all excited to read, and then realize I have already read it. GRRRR! Please send the warmer sunny weather our way! I hope you have a wonderful, happy anniversary! And a really nice week!

  2. I love your quote. And it is so frustrating to realize that you have already read a book. I am terrible at remembering them so often start to read only to discover that I know what is going to happen.....Have a good week


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