Monday, March 30, 2015


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For Today... March 30th, 2015

Outside my window... Daybreak is just starting. Its 36° right now with the promise of a sunny day!
 photo 5a514d7e-25cc-48df-b684-7b10ff895501_zpsvakheem3.jpg

I am thinking... about all I have to do today, as I didn't get to anything over the weekend due to my back injury.

I am thankful... For a caring hubby. As much as I hate depending on others to do things for me, I am grateful for him taking care of me this weekend.

I am wearing... black yoga pants, a black hoodie and pink and white socks.

I am creating... I am still working on the afghan, and started back on the curtain project. I also whipped up these cute little girl shoes and sandals for a friend.
 photo d733b179-f8ab-4189-aa9c-fa7b0d129ffb_zpsnhmlr4zm.jpg

The curtain project:
 photo 702e31eb-98fb-4fa8-9c2c-6dd6378c38da_zpsacko0bfp.jpg

What it will look like when done
 photo 7ed68e91-6449-4ec1-ba01-2575a72c4499_zpsyvxerb1j.jpg

 photo b5ec5211-f988-4217-8a3b-b3458a899d0b_zpsduvflp6g.jpg

 photo 937aa191-885b-4dbf-8762-a1b74219475a_zpsvjkkay5c.jpg

I am going... to the store in a little while, to get cat food. Totally forgot to get it on Friday when I got groceries. I am also going to try and find a cute pair of sandals, shhhh don't tell my hubby, as he thinks I have too many already! A girl can never have too many sandals!! LOL

I am wondering... How I will look in this hairstyle. I know I can pull of the color, as I have been this shade of red before. I have been wanting to do this style for a while now, but once I get in the chair, I chicken out. Just need the courage to actually do it!
 photo f95c1804-dd14-48da-bf0f-c1a6b12cd6db_zpsb1tytvmh.jpg

I am reading... I am still reading "Capturing The Prodigal's Heart" by Mary Easton.
 photo ecb59fc7-ff57-4a83-b421-336d78835395_zpsgh7bibxw.jpg

I am hoping... The weather will be nice this weekend, so I can get some nice Easter pictures of the boys, and other family members when we all get together on Sunday!

In my kitchen... Spaghetti (for the hubby), chicken parmesan for me (he is not a fan of chicken), salad and garlic bread. I may attempt some whole wheat bread, if the mood strikes me.

A favorite quote for today...
 photo a9796d9f-b648-4265-8171-faa32ce1fc66_zpsyjpkstyx.jpg

One of my favorite things... Seeing the sun peek in through the blinds. Oh how I have missed seeing this the last few months! I am ready for the warm, sunny days to be here again!

From the board room... I want to create a little nook like this in my craft room. I am going to use my hope chest as the bench, just need to get the side shelves made and painted white, as well as paint the hope chest white. (pinned in my For the Home board
 photo c3d205ea-20fa-42e7-a6f1-2765de571314_zpsnkpeae4w.jpg

Post Script... I love browsing 5 Minutes for Mom, they always have interesting things to talk about and not to mention, awesome giveaways to enter!!



  1. Hi Jodi! I think your hair would be very cute in that style and you should try it! I am glad your back is feeling better, but take it slow still! The curtains are really unique and cute, and the shoes are so sweet. I need to learn to crochet. That is a very cool idea for your craft room, make sure you take photos when you are done! I am so glad you are getting sunshine. We are getting sun, but when it isn't sunny, it is still snowing, grrr. Have a great week!

  2. I love the hair style AND the color! Those little sandals are darling. Hope your week is great!

  3. I want one of those flower valances as well. I can't wait to see your finished product. Beautiful crochet work!

  4. go for the haircut! I think it would be great. If you're not crazy about it, its only'll grow! ;-)

    Love the quote. Needed that today.

  5. Ooooh--I think your crocheted curtains will look so neat!!!

  6. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. I love your little projects and I really think I have the same problem when it comes to cutting my hair short. Of course, my biggest issue is feeling like it will make my face look even fatter. Lol


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