Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yarn Along ~ C2C afghan

"The Yarn Along began in early Fall 2010 as a way to share knitting projects and good reads; motivating ourselves, and inspiring each other. Every week knitters, and a few crocheters as well, link up and share a photo (or two) of what they are knitting and what they are reading. Knowing that Yarn Along Wednesday is coming up is a great way to stay motivated to finish those projects! And I, for one, am always on the lookout for a great book recommendation as well."

If you enjoy the Yarn Along, I invite you to grab one of Yarn Along's buttons to share on your own blog. She has made them in a rainbow of colors so you can grab the one that suits you best!

I finished up the monster pants from last week: here's a side by side of them and the monkey pants for a cousin's friends baby.

 photo 68702eb7-4966-4bdf-af86-683712d0f1d6_zps2ydh3tra.jpg

Now I am working on an afghan for my hubby. Its a corner to corner (c2c) crocheted afghan. I am hoping that this one works up faster than the one I made for my son. So far I am not getting to bored with it as I did with the other one I made.

 photo f318fc18-55fe-4ee6-a38e-15cbd1d78f10_zps5d8khhzf.jpg

I am starting "Plain Living" by Rachel Bauer. I love reading books on the Amish.

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Every week I get another good book recommendation from you. Thank you very much. I love the colors you are using for that afghan.


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