Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Swap

 photo 6a00d8354ebd2869e20147e377eb82970b-650wi_zps94b54f79.jpg

I love receiving fun mail, so much better than bills. This past week I was stalking the mailman, just waiting for a package to arrive. A few days there we didn't get any mail; which is strange, as we get mail every day, even junk mail.

On Friday I received a "little sunshine" in the mail from Amy. I love it! I am trying to figure out where I want to display it.

 photo 4ac89b6d-b4c0-4d51-87ac-ed20a73288c2_zps93e8740f.jpg

This makes me want to try my hand at quilting! One of these days!

Thanks again Amy!!



  1. What a lovely gift! It looks beautiful!

  2. I am so glad you like it! :) What a fun little swap this was!!


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