Monday, February 9, 2015

I have been a little busy

Some of the items I have made over the last few weeks. I love getting messages on facebook asking if I can make some item or another. I can never tell anyone no, so out come the hooks and needles.

Love this little monkey ensemble ~ hat/diaper cover/3 pairs of booties
 photo 12c3c8b5-cf54-4367-9d1d-59a6a80e74bf_zps048d1a98.jpg

A pair of monster pants
 photo 6583885a-ef84-43bc-9535-30038eb73bd3_zps800b3782.jpg

A pair of monkey pants
 photo 835e627f-7643-4bf7-a576-9039afde50fc_zps67120416.jpg

Michigan newsboy hat
 photo f36c5899-b9dd-4889-b8cd-4d3960f54ab8_zps38553168.jpg

I made myself a granny square purse, I still need to make the liner, but I love how it turned out!
 photo 97853c96-659a-4e2f-8079-9bce22d47251_zpsafff0bcc.jpg

And last but not least, this adorable little poncho, that I made for my cousin's little girl for her birthday. Her older sister had to model it, and I'm not sure if she is going to take it off or now, she just may claim it for herself!
 photo b544eb99-bcc7-4ae5-b829-911a32d1b812_zpsca611379.jpg

I am working on a few more pairs of monster pants, and a couple of bear hooded cowls, so stay tuned!


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  1. I would say you've been a bit busy! Wow! You do such nice quality work, Jodi! Thank you so much for sharing. Everything is adorable...and I especially love your purse! Thanks so much for sharing!


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