Monday, February 9, 2015

Getaway hunting

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The winter blahs have taken over. I am in desperate need of the sun! I just finished our taxes, and will be getting a nice little refund. Now I am in the mode of finding the perfect little getaway for our anniversary next month. I am hoping to find some really cheap airfare so we can go somewhere warm! So many family and friends are heading to Florida, so I am going to pass on going that way, so out West it is!

I need to check out these San Bernardino hotel deals at for a possible destination. We haven't been to this part of California, so it would be fun to explore the area. Its close enough to some family that is out there, that we could visit with as well.

I would love to still go to Vegas to renew our vows, but I think I may save that for our 20th anniversary next year. That way I will have more time to save up and plan for a week long vacation, as apposed to just a long weekend.

I guess I had better run this by the hubby, as he may not be able to get some time off from work!


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