Monday, February 2, 2015


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FOR TODAY February 2, 2015

Outside my window... Its cold and snowy. I have to go out sometime to day and try and dig us out from the snow storm we received yesterday! Ugh

I am thinking... About how much I am dreading having to go out and shovel. If I could manage the snowblower I would use that, but its to hard for me to maneuver it. So the shovel it will be.

I am thankful... For the moment of not having a job, so my hubby can take our truck to work today.

In the kitchen... I have spaghetti sauce thawing for dinner. I think I am going to make some English Muffin bread and some cookies.

I am wearing... I am still in my pj's, a pair of snow print fleece pants, a pink t-shirt and a warm, cozy black fleece sweat shirt.

I am creating... Right now, nothing! But I will be getting started on my new afgan as soon as I get my yarn from Hobby Lobby! I am so excited to get started on this!!

I am going... to be working on the next part of the 14 week challenge; the office. We don't have an actual room as our office, as our desk is in the dining room, so the major cleaning/decluttering I will be tackling is the desk. When we put in the new flooring, I shoved everything that was on top of the desk into the file cabinets, so those need to be cleaned and organized.

I am wondering... How Trent is doing. He is in Mississippi for the week for training for a portion of his job with the National Guard. I am so very jealous of him getting to be in the warm weather right now! He has already been rubbing it in that its so nice to see green grass and sunshine.

I am reading... still - Submerged by Dani Pettry

I am hoping... that the weather warms up and we get a thaw from all of the snow we received yesterday!

I am looking forward to... the possibility of getting back into a work routine!

I am learning... that as the older I get I really, really don't like Michigan winters!

Around the house... I see lots of dog toys that are needing pick up, as well as some stuffing from a toy Lici has destroyed that needs to get picked up before she tries to eat it.

I am pondering... if I should try and venture out to the grocery store with the hubbys car to get groceries, or just wait until tomorrow to go, once I have my truck back....I am thinking the latter!

A favorite quote for today...
 photo 11097_10152739849582903_4383972438576687137_n_zpscefa073c.jpg

One of my favorite things... Sunday afternoon naps.

A few plans for the rest of the week: digging out from the snowstorm, grocery shopping

A peek into my day...
 photo 7abd58ba-5bbf-4377-ba27-f600a201825f_zps5bf380ac.jpg



  1. English muffin bread sounds AMAZING! Blessings on your shoveling. ;)

  2. We have the awful cold here, and rarely get the snow... you can send some of that my way! Just concentrate on what a good workout shoveling snow is, lol... thanks for stopping by my blog this morning :)

  3. uggghhh you did get hit with the storm. Be careful and stay warm. I also think the English Muffin bread sounds wonderful. Blog reading makes me so hungary :)

  4. Oh my all that snow. Thank the good Lord we haven't had much this year. Hope I don't regret saying that. Have a super week.

  5. Loved the pic of the snow. Not too much snow here in AZ, once in a while. Makes me think of my roots in Chicago. Your dinner sounds yummy!

  6. Ugh, snow. We are getting a snowstorm as I write this. My hubby has a bad back and the other day I had to shovel slush, and what I didn't get to has now formed small pointy mountains in the driveway. At least no one can sneak up on our house without us hearing! Do not over do the shovelling though hon! I pinned a recipe on Pinterest for English muffin bread, I think I will try that soon! I love your quote for today! Have a wonderful week Jodi!

  7. I have to admit I am not envious of your snow fall! We have had little snow storms here in WV...just enough to make things messy and a menace! Oh how I understand the moving of stuff from one place to another for a project! I will be glad when we have ONE finished project here at the cottage.

  8. I actually miss Midwestern winters now that I'm in southern California.

    Are you knitting or crocheting the afghan?

  9. I love that quote! It's true, too.

    It is also true that getting older makes you less fond of snow - at least, it is true for me as well!

    If I were you, I'd wait til tomorrow to go to town. (I'm always in favor of waiting til tomorrow.) ;)

  10. That quote is fabulous! I love the simplicity of it. I certainly hope you get warmer weather soon. I would send you sunshine if I could.

  11. Dear Jodi...Sending you some California sunshine
    Have a great week
    Phoebe x

  12. Hi Jody, I'm visiting from the Daybook, stopping in to say hello. I hope by now you've been able to plow your way out of that snow! We've been lucky in not having too much this year, but it's bitter cold here (15F). Having lived in Texas for a couple of years, I'm a firm believer that spring ought to begin in February!

  13. Hi, Jodi
    Thanks for visiting my blog. The snow photo is beautiful. It makes me feel cold. It sounds like you are in the middle of some redecorating! Stay warm and safe.


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