Friday, December 5, 2014

Follow Friday Fill in Fun

Feeling Beachie

It’s Friday blog hop time over at Feeling Beachie!!! Join in the fun by clicking here to go to Hilary’s blog, sign up and join in the fun by including the statements and your answers on your blog. It is easy and fun and a great way to meet folks. If you want—just leave your answers in the comments below, too!

The statements:

1. Sometimes I think _____
2. Do you love ____ as much as I do?
3. Black Friday _______________
4. __________________ is my favorite thing about long holiday weekends

My Answers:

1. Sometimes I think I worry too much.
2. Do you love binge watching shows as much as I do?
3. Black Friday is getting out of hand with all of the stores opening earlier and earlier!!
4. Staying home and relaxing is my favorite thing about long holiday weekends.



  1. I agree with your answers. I especially love binge watching TV shows. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love CSI and actually DVR the shows in the middle on the night and watch them the next day.

  3. I definitely can binge watch TV shows!! I went through the entire seasons of Breaking Bad in two weeks, before that final season aired. And I was two seasons behind in The Walking Dead and Games of Thrones when I came to those as well. I've debated starting Supernatural... but with 9 seasons I think?? Not sure I can get that one in. LOL

    I really think I need to experience one of these Black Fridays - as a Canadian - that everyone is afraid of. Is it really that bad??

  4. I think nonstop, but have learned to not worry. Age, I think.

  5. Speaking of binge TV watching... one of my answers today was about Supernatural. I have been watching it non-stop on Netflix.

  6. I worry too much too - but usually about silly stuff


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