Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Living room update

We are at a stand still on our living room project. It seems like that for the last couple of weekends we have had something going on that has delayed us finishing up the work. We could have worked on it this past weekend, but John needed a weekend of a "do nothing", as he has put in a lot of hours this past week at work. I did catch him surfing the net on musician friend's site, for amp ideas. While that was all good, no extra purchases in the amp/guitar department are allowed right now, as all extra money is slated for the home projects right now! Now if he sells an amp or two, then he may replace one, but that's a whole different ball game! LOL

The next few weekends are spoken for as well. This weekend I am visiting a friend in Ohio, and the following weekend is our nephew's wedding. So its looking like we are being pushed into November to complete the project! One day this house will get back in order!!


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