Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thursday Thirteen ~ A few of my favorite mugs

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1. I got this one from my Loved + Blessed monthly subscription box - my favorite Bible verse

2.  I found this one at the Dollar Tree ~ its my closing line on my youtube channel.

3.  I found this one at an antique shop, and picked it up to go with my Style Dots buisness

4.  I found this cute lil guy at the Dollar Tree as well... just love him!

5.  Again got this one from the Dollar Tree, who doesn't love a cute lil sock monkey??

6.  Got this one from the Dollar General,  Couldn't resist the donuts

7.  Got this one from the Dollar General as well, needed the matching travel mug!

8.  This one was gifted to me from a lovely subscriber and now dear friend

9.  Found this one at Burlington Coat Factory

10.  This was from a secret santa exchange many years ago

11.  I forget where I got this one from, but again my favorite Bible verse

12. I think my mother inlaw gave me this one many years ago
13.  Love my Tigger mug, from my mother inlaw


  1. Gives "mugshot" a whole new meaning!

  2. The Dollar Tree has been good to you.

  3. My son is a potter and once made mugs with little animals inside on the bottom. Your dots on might be my favorite. It reminded me of this:

  4. Love your mugs! The tall one is my favorite because I love that shape for hot chocolate.

  5. Those are nice. I don't have many mugs and that is something I should remedy.

  6. Beautiful! Love your mug list. I especially like nos. 12 and 13. Merry Christmas!


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