Monday, October 12, 2015

Handmade Monday

I found out about this through Jessy at Our Side of the Mountain, and thought I would start posting all of my fun little creations I make.

Head on over to Lucy Blossom Crafts to join in on the fun!!

I have been busy making lots of things for my upcoming craft show in November. This past week its has been hats. I have made several of these cute frog hats, and snowmen hats. A few of them I have made girly by adding a flower to the hats. As well as this bumble bee hat and tushie cover.

 photo 86030b96-66d5-4344-8771-38674004e42f_zpsvdaofcaj.jpg

 photo 0b5f6b03-6d5b-4a5a-ac69-8345f994b92b_zpstrf271ql.jpg

 photo bf647a4d-292e-4857-809b-980acafb5db5_zps5u7bnz8t.jpg

 photo ca7c3c35-2219-4be2-bc51-78c6184c2ec5_zpsijdqsqzc.jpg

I have so much more to get done in the next few weeks! From towels, dishcloths, cup cozies and rice bags. its going to be a crazy few weeks!!



  1. Your froggy hats are so cute, and the snowman ones look like they will be a big hit at Christmas. I hope the show goes really well for you.

  2. I'm so loving the "hat" on the HAT!

  3. Welcome to Handmade Monday. I love your hats in particular the snowmen ones, so cute and think they would be a big hit.

  4. Oh, my goodness! Aren't those adorable! I bet they'll be BIG sellers! Who wouldn't like them?

  5. They look gorgeous, I'm sure they'll be very popular at your show. Welcome to Handmade Monday I'm delighted that you are joining us (and I usually comment a lot earlier than this!)


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