Friday, July 17, 2015

I think Summer has finally arrived!

 photo 9f90171a-8f34-4bdf-ae96-554ba6d9bda6_zps28h58zri.jpg

After working all day, I get home to a very hot and muggy house. Its July 17th, and we have yet to put the window air units in. But that is all going to change tomorrow, as its going to be a very hot, muggy day (worse than today). While I was getting the window areas ready for them, I found that I still have some of the weather king plastic on the window Oops!

I would have liked for them to go in tonight, but its 9:35 pm and my hubby is still not home from work. I don't think I can talk him into at least putting the one in the living room. No matter how much I beg! Its going to be a horrible night of sleep!


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