Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Strawberry jam

How I spent my morning, making strawberry jam! I went to Krupp Farms on Monday to pick up a flat of strawberries. These are oh so tasty! So much nicer than the ones you get in the local grocery store!!

 photo eade4442-5af0-4c64-881f-ff5393635d33_zpsbwvticph.jpg

The jars and the masher - I had to get a new one, as the one I have just doesn't do a good job at mashing the berries.
 photo af3ad146-3826-49b0-9157-c1f16f375d84_zpsrclgkvvz.jpg

All rinsed and destemmed
 photo 5de986b6-ee30-481e-b442-395cbdf60746_zpssazgqyi5.jpg photo 2615a4ae-a255-499d-865d-0be2778bb17d_zpsoyfmy6vt.jpg

Two containers ready to be made into jam
 photo 30d4da18-3e94-4b49-b3c4-8c6862b8c0f6_zpsvcnt50me.jpg photo 78d0afe4-ad1d-4711-abf5-ba5ecad4706d_zpsfzdg0vnj.jpg

First batch mashed
 photo 23bac4bd-7df6-43c6-807b-2dcf30fded1f_zpseulh2tff.jpg

Stirring in the sugar (so.much.sugar.)
 photo d5edbfda-13e3-4318-859d-8bd02aff0bf1_zps5eoazuvf.jpg

Boiling the pectin
 photo a955064f-2c4c-454d-8f1c-5f4a24727ab9_zpso4ozovv9.jpg

Mixing the pectin with the strawberries and sugar
 photo 5c0fd7c3-a74c-4d36-8d94-970318277427_zps5adaqiio.jpg

Into the jars it goes
 photo 4c667c6a-0b02-4fca-a3df-ea004bdfb90e_zpsq4pxmmem.jpg

And 36 jars made! They need to set out at room temperature or 24 hours, or until set. Then some in the fridge, the rest in the freezer! With the boys not here anymore, this should last us for the year!
 photo 01f5577c-50da-4b89-8772-b8bbfb7e88d7_zpszzie9r2e.jpg


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