Monday, June 29, 2015


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For Today... June 29th, 2015

Outside my window... Blue skies, sunny and 64 degrees (for now)
 photo c1e9506e-76b7-4f51-8581-b5719aba57e9_zpsmxsyzb44.jpg

I am thinking... that I should get up and go get some breakfast.

I am thankful... for the friendships I have in former coworkers. It was so nice catching up with Mel and Stacey yesterday.

I am wearing... gray yoga pants and a blue tank top

I am creating... towels, dishcloths, heating bags, hats, etc....

I am going... to be making a call to get signed up for a craft show. This means that all of my spare/free time, will be consumed with making so many things, to have a nice stock pile to sell!

I am wondering... about going to school. I have wanted to go to cosmetology school for sometime now. I want to, but at the same I don't know if I want to incur the debt. Being an adult sometimes is just too hard.

In my kitchen... Menu for the week:
Monday ~ spaghetti, garlic bread and a salad
Tuesday ~ burgers, fries and fruit
Wednesday ~ omelets, sausage and toast with homemade strawberry jelly
Thursday ~ pizza
Friday ~ bruschetta chicken and a salad
Saturday ~ not sure yet...something on the grill

A favorite quote for today...
 photo 56e83266-2f6b-4528-a807-4732a5f35568_zpsvqn84t3i.jpg

One of my favorite things... fresh baked chocolate chip cookies -- the ooey gooey kind!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday ~ housework, yard work, crocheting
Tuesday ~ crocheting
Wednesday ~ work
Thursday ~ work
Friday ~ grocery shopping, light housework, and not sure what else for the day/night
Saturday ~ 4th of July -- maybe a parade early in the day, then fireworks later
Sunday ~ church

From the board room... From my Mmmm...Let's Eat board. I had this at a graduation open house for the first time, and boy was it really good! I am going to attempt to make it.
 photo 930f9572-47d1-4bf4-88ba-56e9a770393d_zpsqlh147dd.jpg
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  1. Praying that all goes well with the call for you to get signed up for a craft show. That will be awesome. The way you crochet you will have a stockpile before you know it!

    The Chicken Pad Thai looks really yummy!

    Enjoy those nice cool temps this morning.

  2. Yum! That recipe sounds wonderful! It could work with chocolate chip cookies, too, right? Thanks for your quote. It helps reduce some worry. Good luck with your craft show. Hope you got up and got some breakfast by now! Have happy 4th of July!

  3. Do you have an Etsy shop where you sell your things? That recipe sounds delicious and I, too, love warm chocolate chip cookies!! I, also, agree that being an adult can be so hard. I don't know how old you are but I went to nursing school at the age of 28 and graduated at age 32. It was hard with a full-time job and two kids. But I have always been glad that I did it. Good luck with your decision

  4. Look at those blue skies! And perfect temperature! We're having some peeks of sun this afternoon, but mostly it continues to be overcast and drizzly. My garden and I want some warm sun! Aren't the Psalms awesome??

  5. Hi Jodi! Yes, being an adult is hard!!!!! When I was a kid, I thought being a kid was hard, and couldn't wait to grow up to do what I wanted. I think I would go back to being a kid for a while! That blue sky is beautiful! Our blue sky has been obscured by fog and clouds the past few days, I feel like I am starting to grow moss, it is so damp. Craft shows are so much work, aren't they? When I made and sold soap, I was set for the first sale, but having 4 shows right after, that was tough coming home and starting over again to replenish stock. I might do one this fall with some prim stuff, but I need to get started on it soon. I hope you have a great week!

  6. Cosmetology school sounds like fun... I think you should just go for it!

  7. Paula - As for the Etsy shop. I don't have things on it yet.... I hate having to pay fees, I will let you now if I ever get it up and running. As for going to school... add about 20 yrs to your age when you went.... this is one of the other things holding me back... I will feel so old!

  8. Ellie - yes they are lots of work! I am going in on it with a friend, so I will have someone to talk with and share the cost of the table space.

  9. Love the quote and that Chicken Pad Thai looks yummy...I may have to try that too.

  10. Love it! Good to see that someone else is on the computer BEFORE breakfast!! My routine: get up; Bible reading and devotions; check e-mail and Facebook; write, if led to do so; read others' blog posts unless by this time tummy is hollering for FOOD!!! Then, whatever routine for the day...

    Thanks for sharing...visiting from Simple Woman's Daybook...


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