Monday, June 15, 2015


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For Today... June 15th, 2015

Outside my window... This my view as I write up this post. It was really foggy this morning, but it looks like it going to be a nice day.
 photo 1d781086-b9cf-4e26-a3c3-9ae54b2a8783_zpsqslfqp8w.jpg

I am thinking... about the Bible study I am starting today.

I am thankful... For rainbows after a storm.
 photo 9ff8d92c-3608-4602-9f0a-871cf226ebfa_zpsyfaxuosk.jpg

I am wearing... yoga pants and a tank top

I am creating... I am still working on the rice heating bags (getting a nice little stock pile for a craft show I will be in, in November), and I made another candle flower pot for my oldest son. He like the ones I have on my patio table and wanted one for his.
 photo 12feff7f-07af-4a5d-824d-c6d343b8914d_zpshlimseof.jpg

I am going... to shower soon, as I have an interview a little later this morning. I love my job I have now, but things are really slow, and it makes that 10 hour days go by way to slow. I need something that is a little more busy/and challenging.

I am wondering... how my kitchen will look if we do paint our cabinets black?? When my hubby first mentioned it, I didn't like the idea, but I found this picture online and I am really liking this. Just need to figure out what color I want to pain the walls.
 photo 082cc23b-64c0-499b-b916-fb507068d4bc_zpsah2758ud.jpg

I am reading... Psalm 119 - for the next 8 weeks, I am doing a Bible study.

I am hoping... that the counter top we need to get won't be as costly as we think it may be!

In my kitchen... Menu for the week:
Monday ~ spaghetti and garlic bread
Tuesday ~ BBQ ribs, scalloped potatoes, corn and rolls
Wednesday ~ leftovers
Thursday ~ pizza
Friday ~ kielbasa and mac n cheese
Saturday ~ hot dogs, fries and fruit

A favorite quote for today...
 photo b5161a33-31d3-49b2-9f9b-56b4105aad58_zpsydjetqjr.jpg

A peek into one of my days... This was yesterday: on our way over to my inlaws to visit for a bit, and to bring flowers to my MIL for her birthday. And to have this amazing dessert: s'more cheesecake. It was oh so yummy!!
 photo 36a98634-8b7e-4e7c-86e7-a83ff390b4be_zpsx4ulpepr.jpg

 photo 112d2c4c-3e76-477c-be95-377bb2953950_zpseabkntg7.jpg

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday ~ laundry, sweep/mop, vacuum, dust, dishes, make the sauce, bake some banan muffins, interview, crochet
Tuesday ~ mow the lawn, crochet
Wednesday ~ work
Thursday ~ work
Friday ~ grocery shopping, light housework, hanging out with the hubby
Saturday ~ painting in the kitchen
Sunday ~ Father's Day ~ church, potluck (at church), then over to the inlaws I think

From the board room... From my Yummy Desserts/Cookies/Treats board. I think I am going to make these to bring over to my inlaws this weekend for Father's Day
 photo 7a1d5b14-ce6e-484d-b751-5f03c3b50c97_zpsstoipr9p.jpg
photo credit

Post Script I am leaving you with this site, that will be the main focus for me over the next 8 weeks. Love God Greatly

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  1. Goodness! That cheesecake sounds delicious! You have a double rainbow in the photo. Exciting! Your deck looks very inviting. Good luck with the bible study!

  2. Beautiful flower pot centerpiece! And you could go with some many different colors and flowers! S'more cheesecake? Homemade cannoli? Yummy! Now you've got me hungry! LOL Perhaps I should have lunch now that it's already 4pm! Love your bible meme! Worrying and fear are something I battle with so I have a lot of those verses Post-it marked!

  3. Are you for hire as a personal baker? Both desserts you showed here today are beautiful!

    I really like the flower pot arrangement. Love the colors together!

  4. Hi! This is my first time at your blog! I enjoyed getting to know you better. :)

  5. We have had so much rain but I haven't yet seen a rainbow. I love how your deck looks. I would want to spend all my day there. Have a great week!

  6. I would be up for being a personal baker!! One of my many dreams for a business has been a bakery! (as well as a few other ideas!) Baking is one of my passions!

  7. That s'mores cheesecake looks amazing!! We made s'mores over the weekend while we were up in the mountains, and they were SOOO good!

  8. Love the rainbow picture! Your desserts look amazing! YUM!


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