Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Topic of a Monday night convo

So out of the blue last night John starts talking about being a computer dj again. Usually this comes up after we had been to a wedding, so I am unsure as to why he has brought this up again. The last wedding we had been to was last year for his nephew.

He was looking up different equipment he would need for us to do this. Between the boys, we should have a vast array of music so that would help with some of the cost. Oh who am I kidding! We would have to do lots of weddings, and other parties over the next year, just to break even! So this will just be his "I can dream" job. (like the many I have for me!)


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  1. I really do not have any dream jobs...I often ask myself what do I want to do since son is finished with school,and I have no clue.
    Being raised the way I was (always be littled) I have no faith in myself to be able to do a thing...


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