Monday, January 19, 2015

Home organizing challenge - Week 3

 photo 14-Week-Challenge_zps8978a128.jpg

I am hopping on the bandwagon of this 14 week challenge to get my house organized and decluttered! If you want to join, head on over to A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Week 3 - The pantry

Side note, I skipped week 2, as my laundry room is in my bathroom, so it will get cleaned that week.

Back to the pantry. I have been wanting to pull everything out and clean/organize it for some time now, and today was the day!! I found some yucky stuff in there. So glad to have it all cleaned out. Now if I can get my hubby to finally make me that trash bin/pop returnable bin container I can get rid of the garbage bag of cans.

The before
 photo f8c716a7-6e61-46cc-b5c4-efe12534c7e8_zpsd10a90f4.jpg

The empty pantry
 photo 203d96f8-6e6a-47da-bd2f-222cc699a904_zps9e09a668.jpg

Everything that was in there
 photo 84adb163-1654-4a91-9902-dd2acc90998d_zpsdd991c12.jpg

 photo 73fd0399-db0f-4f5f-8524-c2c393d77315_zps3edc3e09.jpg

 photo 35046bd4-a083-46bf-9183-f60dd27271b3_zps2cd3aebb.jpg

The after
 photo a61266f5-23ec-4b44-884d-2f222f806ac2_zpsbba687be.jpg


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  1. Wow! It looks grrrreat! You have inspired me. I had to laugh a bit because I think we have been to similar Tupperware parties. I have the same blue lidded containers!


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