Friday, November 28, 2014

Follow Friday Fill in Fun

Feeling Beachie

It’s Friday blog hop time over at Feeling Beachie!!! Join in the fun by clicking here to go to Hilary’s blog, sign up and join in the fun by including the statements and your answers on your blog. It is easy and fun and a great way to meet folks. If you want—just leave your answers in the comments below, too!

The statements:

1. Can you really____if you don’t_____
2. What are your thoughts about______
3. Would you_____ if you could?
4. Do you listen to____ or _____?

My Answers:

1. Can you really get a good nights sleep if you don’t dream?
2. What are your thoughts about Black Friday really starting crazy early on a Thursday!?!?!
3. Would you open a business if you could?
4. Do you listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving or are you like me and refuse until after?



  1. I don't like Black Friday on Thanksgiving Day.

    Having a baking business would be fun for me.

    Nice answers.

    ENJOY your weekend.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Follow Friday Four Fill-In

  2. I have never been a follower of Black Friday or even the Canadian equivalent of Boxing Day!

  3. Usually, I'm very much a "wait until after Thanksgiving with Christmas" kinda girl, but this year I broke my own rule and started the night before... Not too early but still before our self imposed schedule. :)
    I'm not into Black Friday at all and this year, it's even worse, since I couldn't spend Thanksgiving with my mom because her store opened at 8 PM Thanksgiving night! :(

  4. No, no, no Christmas music until at least (!) after Thanksgiving. Also, no Black Friday shopping for me - unless it is online ;)
    And yes to nos. 1 and 3

  5. I wish the retail world would honor Thanksgiving and NOT start Black Friday on Thanksgiving night. It's sad to see news reports of people trampling and fighting each other for electronic objects on sale on what should be a day of thanks and gratitude and even just rest and relaxation if you don't celebrate it.

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  6. after years of waiting tables when all they did was pump in christmas music from Nov to Jan - I can't listen to it at all. It makes me crazy!


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