Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shopping list

I need to get a list of ingredients ready to send to a friend so she can get her shopping list made for things for us to make this weekend when I am visiting with her.

I want to make my yummy go to breakfast dish, ham and egg brunch braid, for them on Sunday. As for Saturday night, bruschetta chicken is on the menu, I am bringing everything for that (outside of the chicken), so hoping that Meijer's has it in stock, as I will be one sad camper and will have to scramble for a recipe that compares!

I will have my list ready to do as well on Friday, minus the gc mic that the hubby wants. He doesn't need it, therefore it won't make it to my list!

As well as the shopping list, I will have to make sure I have a list of everything I need to bring with me, so I don't forget anything, as its a long distance between my house and her house in Ohio!!


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