Monday, October 13, 2014

Living room makeover

We are in the middle of a living room makeover. I think we have made our decision on the flooring, and plan on putting in some hardwood, and getting a nice area rug. Now to pick out what kind we want. The painting is done, expect for one of the doors, it needs another coat. The other door, I so wish we could just get rid of it all together and make it a wall!

I need to look for a new book shelf or a revashelf cabinet to store the remaining books and knick knacks I have - I need my dining room back!

I really like the color I picked out for the walls, even though John thinks we (meaning me) aren't going to like our color choice a few years from now. I think I will, and I am still holding out hope that we won't be here in a few years! I love how my black picture frames pop with the tan walls!

Next up on the makeover list will be the dining room floors, hardwood is going in there as well. Just wish the finances would allow us to do it right along with the living room floor, but just not possible this time around!


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