Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Its been a while

I am not sure where the last month and a half has gone! I started a new part time job once again, thankfully this one is only a few hours during the day and no weekends! I have been busy making Snuggle lovey's, baby blankets, and a cute lil' bear! I need to make more hats, booties, diaper covers sets so I have lots for some of the craft shows I want to participate in.

I love how cute these look, and how fast they are to whip out!

Owl snuggle lovey
 photo 10177319_10152196268652903_5890995215767588108_n_zpsf59f23e5.jpg

Elephant snuggle lovey
 photo 10345990_10152190096072903_3512596742535841079_n_zpsd91e4ad1.jpg

Hello Kitty snuggle lovey
 photo 10380922_10152192207027903_3079230851414474406_n_zpsf01da373.jpg

Mr. Bear snuggle lovey
 photo 9b27a74d-5ab2-45ac-a4a1-f04e44a31a01_zpsd9679f06.jpg

I just finished this lil' bear tonight, isn't he cute?? I need to make some in other colors as well. (pattern can be found on this site.
 photo 10505403_10152259681787903_4300255297777132927_n_zps5d50e387.jpg

Little girl dress, diaper cover, hat and booties was made for my cousin's granddaughter to be. Along with an afghan (in the next photo)
 photo 10401483_10152215352382903_2607521914278469981_n_zps76f7fa0b.jpg

 photo 10256577_10152215352427903_101615171175402021_n_zps995811ed.jpg

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  1. how do u get the pattern? seen hello kitty snuggie blanket but cannot find pattern. guess u call it a lovey blanket if I recall thank u


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