Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So tired of all of the things that don't happen around here! I made a comment about shoveling the other day and my husband said, wait for me and I will come help. I stated "if I wait for you, it will never get done". He copped an attitude about it for the rest of the day.

Well its true, if I wait for him, or the oldest to come out and help, it would never get done. Case in point; we got hit again over the weekend with lots of snow. The plows came by, and I said we need to get the drive shoveled out before it gets too cold and its harder to shovel. I knew that I couldn't do it myself, even if I went out and tried to get it started, so I waited, and waited and waited..... he took my truck to work yesterday as he couldn't get his car out. I was fine with it, as I really didn't have to go anywhere. He gets home from work, eats dinner and then lays on the couch and falls asleep...for hours! Did the driveway get shoveled? Nope

So this morning, he looks outside and says, "I forget to shovel, can I take the truck?" Duh, I can't say no, as he is the one who works, and makes the payments, but damn it all, it pisses me off! I went out and, oh my... shoveled, it took a half hour, but I will be getting his car out of the drive!

He had better get the rest of it shoveled, as I will be taking my truck back!

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