Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen places I would rather be than here right now! It is so cold and snowy here, I am dreaming of warm places!

1. San Parde Island, Texas
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2. Jamaica
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3. Arizona
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4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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5. California
 photo 547d5423-affb-4130-8b1a-1ff371192155_zps852336fa.jpg

6.Florida Keys
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7. Bahamas
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8. Hawaii
 photo ed5e7f5a-abad-4f5f-a98c-c614bdb13ae0_zps2457c328.jpg

9. Caribbean
 photo 9011167a-2f85-49f7-8106-daca460aecde_zpsfcec1aed.gif

10. Cozamel
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11. Bali
 photo c9e8aaca-7f9c-4c9c-8d3f-1e78fef79895_zps954dd81b.jpg

12. Miami Beach, Florida
 photo 66cbf0e7-0e2f-49da-a313-4a2ee0f8a382_zpsad03004f.jpg

13. And if I can't get to some tropical place, then a nice hotel room with a cozy fireplace in the room!
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