Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Brrrr..... the deep freeze is here

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The deep freeze is upon us! It's a balmy 3 degrees outside, factor in the windchill and we are in the negative temps! Poor Lici doesn't like to go out in this weather, so its a quick power pee for her. I am homebound yet again, and starting to go a little stir crazy! So hopefully tomorrow is the day that the weather takes a turn and my hubby gets back in his car!

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This is my morning so far! Both Lici and Lulu decided it was time to snuggle with mom. When they both tag me its gets overwhelming, but today I didn't mind. Its cold in the house, so it nice to snuggle under a couple of blankets with them. I'll sit with them a little while longer, then its back to the grind. I have lots of laundry to finish, after the setback yesterday of the dryer not working.

I have lots of baking to do as well today. I am going to try once again at making homemade bread. I am so hoping that it raises like it should. I am searching for a yummy cranberry orange muffin recipe, I don't want to keep buying a box mix from the store. While they are yummy, homemade ones are always so much better! Pinterest and Allrecipes will be my friend over the next few days, searching for a recipe.

Morning break is over, time to get the animals off my lap and get busy! Then hopefully in the next few hours I can snuggle back under the blankets with them.

Happy Tuesday!!


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