Friday, December 6, 2013

Pillow makeover

My project for today was to recover some pillows for Trent's room. I was going to go out and buy some black and gray fabric, but had a brilliant idea of to reuse his old comforter to recover the pillows. I think they turned out great.

The before
 photo 48f03f28-cc64-4034-bf3a-0e46be41ca15_zps38f28230.jpg

The old comforter
 photo b78c2621-6690-481c-b84f-5cc2179b2185_zpse5d9d9f0.jpg

The after
 photo f73e9646-9cd4-4d9d-a81d-5784739b3faa_zps6453bd56.jpg

 photo 778a2165-12f5-4a52-abd4-f1c80bbd04aa_zpsee5c83b0.jpg

Trent's room is ready for him to come home....if only it was for longer than two weeks!!

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