Sunday, December 29, 2013

Newsboy hat

Who knew that from posting one little picture, would lead to many orders of this fun little hat! I had first saved this pattern on my Ravelry account, and struggled with it for a long time; then just put it aside. I finally picked it back up, and worked through the difficulties I was having, and finally figured out the pattern! I so love how it turned out! One is completed, and several more orders are in the works!

I am going to make one for myself, and with luck I can pull off wearing a hat!

 photo 05b83b95-68be-4255-9683-aa9a77b39b4a_zpsd23a0caa.jpg


  1. Its a super cute hat. There are a couple more styles I love too that I have saved on Pinterest I may have to have you look into and buy you some yarn heheh

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