Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Thirteen

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Thanksgiving edition ~ my favorite foods for Turkey day!

1. Turkey of course. I wish the oil wasn't so expensive, so I could deep fry one again! I will be making my own dinner this year, and in the oven it will go.

2. Mashed potatoes/gravy.

3. Sweet potatoes - oh so yummy!

4. Green bean casserole - oh my!

5. Rolls - trying to find a new recipe to try, the same ole same ole isn't cutting it anymore!

6. Stuffing - a must! Christopher wants me to try and make it they way my mother inlaw does. Guess I will be giving her a call for her recipe!

7. Pumpkin pie, with lots of whip cream!

8. Apple pie - hubby's favorite.

9. Turnovers - for breakfast. I have resorted to making my own, as Pepperidge Farms no longer makes the kind I like.

Then for leftovers the weekend (and yes, there will be leftovers, as its only 3 of us, and I plan on getting a huge turkey!)

10. Turkey pot pie

11. Turkey sandwiches

12. With the carcass, hoping to try my hand at turkey soup.

13. And then a repeat of the tradition dinner - as there will be lots of lefovers!!



  1. I like everything on your list EXCEPT the green bean casserole. YUCK! Why ruin a perfectly good vegetable that way? :D Thanks for visiting!

  2. the best part of the turkey dinner is the leftovers. i just love the day after food from a holiday. It seem like the flavoring settles to a perfect taste and its taste just a better as the day the food was met to be cooked for.


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