Monday, November 25, 2013

Baking day

The start of my fun baking week!! Aside from making the sauce for spaghetti I whipped up some of banana muffins and tried a box mix for some carmel apple cookies. The muffins I know will be a hit as they a standard in the house. The cookies, I sampled, I like them, now just have to see what my hubby has to say.

 photo 919ccb0c-bba5-45ad-b9a1-5e1bd425a53e_zps385a86df.jpg

 photo 93c8f899-93ac-46f0-8552-89eacc58eda0_zps12a8eaba.jpg

The rest of the week will be making the pies for Thursday and premaking any items that I can ahead of time.

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