Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Apps for my phone

I love browsing all the free apps for my phone. Today I downloaded RetailMeNot after seeing it on TV. I have briefly skimmed it, but will check it out further as I found some awesome coupons at my first glance. Another one I saw was a real estate app, that I am going to check into further, as it may come in handy once we list the house.

My most used app of course is Facebook and instagram. What cracks my hubby up is that I will be on my laptop and then start browsing my phone at the same time! It may seem weird to him, but I can't view instagram on the computer, so my phone it is.

There have been many apps that I have downloaded from when I first got my iPod to my now iPhone that I no longer use. I think the fad of them wore off, and it just seemed weird to have them still on my phone. I have all of the other ones stored in neat little compartments, and only have on screen, as opposed to many that I used to have! I love that with the latest update, I am able to have more apps in a compartment.


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