Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen things on my never ending "To Do List"

1. Get the carpets cleaned

2. Clean out cupboards, and reline with contact paper.

3. Clean and organize the front coat/shoe closet.

4. Get the old car either listed on craigslist or hauled off to the dump.

5. Get the deck furniture stored in the garage.

6. Put the plastic on the windows.

7. Cut back the rose bush and weed out the front flower boxes.

8. Get the freezer cleaned and upstairs, to get it to the curb (it died, which makes me sad)

9. Work on Christmas gifts.

10. Buy Halloween candy for my hubby to pass out next week.

11. Get things posted that I have for sale.

12. Organize all my yarn (its a mess, due to the oldest back home and in my craft room)

13. Start looking for hotels and planning our trip to Missouri for Trent's graduation from basic training for the Army National Guard.



  1. Number nine is on my list -- that and "work on holiday cards." Thanks for checking out the leaves!

  2. Oh nos. 7, 9 and 10 sound lovely. I should get cracking with Christmas gifts too.



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